30 September 2007

Woo! I'm a married lady!

Yesterday was the most amazing day. I learned that I have a great group of people in my life that love me (and I love them). Our wedding was absolutely.. perfect.

Not too many pictures yet, just what we have on our camera, but I will share a pre-ceremony picture of someone very, very special.

Hopefully I'll get some ceremony and reception photos up in the next couple of days.

J and I are so thankful and so blessed to have such great friends and family. Without their support, we would have lost our heads.

08 September 2007

fiberfest and why i shouldn't go back.

i wont say much more than..handspun yarn!

this is about 500 yards of alpaca i bought for a project that jeremy has requested i make. the original pattern called for cashmere, but i think he'll like the alpaca just as much.

a bunch of different wools here--some corriedale, moorit, the first brown from the left is actually about 2oz of llama, more wool. these i mostly have projects for, surprisingly.

the purple skein is a present for a coworker. the rest are great colors--thought i'd diversify the neutrals.

i saved the name and number of this spinner. i think she and i will become quick friends!