29 January 2008

Riding the Ponies

Finally, I can share one of the yarns I've spun recently, now that my partner has received! I introduce "Riding the Ponies", 4oz of Corriedale Cross, hand-dyed by Three Waters Farm.

It's two-ply and I think right around 100 yards. (I keep thinking my memory is going to not let me forget, but I should know better).

Thanks for everyone for responding about the yarn! I'm going to spin something up for each of you and send it out, so bear with me because I am still s-l-o-w. Hopefully, it'll be worth the wait.

26 January 2008

No more yarn just yet, but I did want to share some roving I dyed this week. I am in love with it.

I love how the greens just pop randomly and just fade into softer shades. I'm curious how much this weighs. Anyone have a digital scale they want to sell me? I think I just need to break down and get one.

I received my Spunky FOTM shipment today. I was in the sock club, but I changed over to double fiber this month, which was only $1 more. 4oz of deliciously hand-painted Icelandic wool. Even in my hands, it feels like it was made to keep you warm.

24 January 2008


We're making lemonade at the H-T household. Q is resting (hibernating?) until springtime. M has been unusually cheerful but I think he's been capitalizing on Q's laziness. J has FINALLY made an acupuncture appointment and I'm wrist deep in fiber. (Terrible, right?)

Doesn't think make you think of intestines? (Maybe it's me?)

I've been very crafty lately, but alas, I can't share until my partners receive.

I will share that I've started a second sweater. It was off to a great start last Sunday, but it's been languishing in a bag since. Not taking lunch at work and catching up with other crafty ventures has left me short on time.

I'm hoping next week will have a better outlook, but for now, I've got some wool to rinse.

23 January 2008

Oh, Satanic Yarn, Thy Name Is..

...Rio de la Plata.

Ask me how I know.

In other worlds, I spun some hand-dyed orange yarn. The color reminds me of a creamsicle and I resisted the urge to call it Orangina.

It's a small skein, about 40 yards. I need to dye another batch to spin up so there's enough to do something with.

I've got 2 more yarns to post, but they have destinations to arrive at first. I should post them early next week, hopefully!

My yarn offer is still on the table, if anyone is interested.

22 January 2008

Free Yarn (and no, I'm not dead!)

Ok. I'm not dead. See? I'm updating my blog. That isn't something dead people typically do.

So, this is what's up.

I need guinea pigs.

(I like guinea pigs, so don't take this as a "I-want-to-test-fragances-on-your-skin-for-fatal-reactions" thing)

I am starting to like my spinning, but I need guinea pigs.. someone I can send my yarn to and you'll write a mini-report like:

"damn, that yarn was awesome. i want more."


"Cheryl, W@^$#%@ were you thinking when you did this? Were you drinking?"


"I'd rather be surrounded by acrylic"

etc. etc.

First three people who comment (in case I have that many readers, ha ha!) get free yarn! Leave your email address in your comment (like thisismyemailaddress at yomamma dot com) and I'll e-mail you to get details.

Oneredboot, you'll get it free, so don't you even try.