26 January 2008

No more yarn just yet, but I did want to share some roving I dyed this week. I am in love with it.

I love how the greens just pop randomly and just fade into softer shades. I'm curious how much this weighs. Anyone have a digital scale they want to sell me? I think I just need to break down and get one.

I received my Spunky FOTM shipment today. I was in the sock club, but I changed over to double fiber this month, which was only $1 more. 4oz of deliciously hand-painted Icelandic wool. Even in my hands, it feels like it was made to keep you warm.


ducky said...

ooooh! I LOVE it!
What color was the fiber to start with?

Cheryl Knits said...

The fiber was the Brown Sheep mill ends brown/white mix. It's nice because the white catches the color and the brown stays the same. I just tossed it in the microwave with a package of green kool-aid and cooked it for a couple of minutes. I wasn't expecting all the variations in color, but I'm really happy with it.