29 November 2008

Knitting Goals 2009

We celebrated Buy Nothing Day by a trip to our local thrift store. In addition to the 5 wool (1 cashmere!) sweaters, we found these vintage sewing books. I think they'll be perfect for J's clothing modification projects.

I've started thinking about knitting for 2009. With all the hats I've been making, I'm itching to start something more challenging and interesting, though I feel that, in fairness, I shouldn't start on anything until after holiday knitting is over.

So, here's my preliminary list of what I'd like to knit in 2009:

*Hemlock Ring Blanket by Brooklyn Tweed
*Kusha Kusha Scarf by Habu Textiles
*Myrtle Leaf Shawl from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby
*sweater for J, possibly the Woven Bands Pullover in the new IK or Smokin' (another Brooklyn Tweed)

I think that's enough at the moment. I know this won't be all, or it could change, but this is what I'm thinking of now.

28 November 2008

Thanksgiving + After

Well, luckily, I'm feeling better today. I've heard from several people in the area that there's a weird bug going around--runny nose, aches, slight fever. The good news is that it lasts a couple of days and it's gone, so I can return to doing laundry and knitting.

Of course, not that knitting ever ceases:

... there's the owl-cabled hat. The dark wool makes the cables a bit difficult to make out, but they look like little horned owls.

And, of course, Thanksgiving Day knitting, where I was joined by an unexpected visitor:

(He's usually too busy with his sleeping-under-the-bed routine to bother with us humans)

And the results of what I was working on:

I wouldn't say that I designed this baby hat, as it was based off a picture of someone's Wists and I just used it as a guide. The original creator sells them on Etsy, so I wouldn't say that I created this at all--BUT, there are parts of this hat I am really proud of + excited to have figured out. I think it turned out pretty cute, wouldn't you agree?

26 November 2008

The Flu.

Yep. Leave it to me to get the flu right before a holiday. My poor achy bones and Pig will be found snuggling on the couch, watching repeats of cartoons we've seen before.

23 November 2008

Food and Fiber

Here is 1/4 of the food I made in preparation for the first meeting of the supper club--homemade hummus, homemade spiced walnuts, homemade vegan chicken wraps. I also made rice pudding balls, salsa, roasted carrot and curry dip, goat cheese with walnut and cranberries canapes. In addition, there was cider, mulled wine and homebrewed beer. We have more than enough leftovers to eat for the next couple of days... finger foods are my weakness, so I'll have plenty of healthy snacks to munch on.

Another felicity hat in what may be the worst picture ever. (Note to self: wake up, drink coffee, shower and watch the shadows.) I am a felicity hat factory over here--I've already got another one on the needles for someone else.

A close-up shot of some homemade granola! Inspired by a friend of mine, oneredboot, I made some delicious granola in my slow cooker on Thursday. You know it's a hit when there's already a request for more (and the first batch isn't finished yet!)

Finally, mom! Look what I found!!!

17 November 2008


This weekend was pretty productive. I finished almost all the projects I had hoped to... more, even. I didn't go to the grocery store. I made vegan strawberry/banana muffins Thursday morning and by the end of my weekend, I even made a vegan chocolate cake. I'm rather proud, as I used only ingredients I had in the house, the strawberries are from our May strawberry-picking adventure and the beer was homebrewed by J. Delicious!

(I will say that taking an attractive picture of a chocolate cake is tougher than it may seem!)

The royal blue kettle dyed cashmere from Sunday afternoon turned out beautifully! It's fingering weight, 100% cashmere that I've recycled from a men's sweater. I've got probably another 1000+ yards to unwind and dye up, but perhaps that's a good project for this weekend.

15 November 2008

Weekend Knits + Watching the Fall... Fall.

Yesterday was fall... today looked like winter. It was as if, overnight, all the leaves decided to fall to start preparing for winter. Luckily, the cats find it strangely entertaining--they'll sit and watch the leaves fall to the back deck for hours.

With the rainy and overcast weather, I've been able to finish up some projects: Le Slouch, an unimpressive off-the-needles finish, but when on, quite cute!

And also the world's worst socks:

Yes, they're made to be huge. And yes, they really look terrible. I'm glad I have posting proof that I can actually make pretty, nice, delicate socks as these are almost shameful.

Left to do today: recycle two sweaters' yarn, make chili, start handwarmers, start a felicity hat.. and even kettle dye some fingering weight cashmere. Whew!

13 November 2008

More Knitting?

Oh, ladies and gents, I've still been plenty busy with new projects, but I did want to share some of the other things I've finished up to be sent along to their new homes before they get lost in my Flickr photostream forever:

Closeup from a pair of socks from Vogue Sock Knitting. I lose knitting points as I can't remember/I'm too lazy to recall the pattern name.

Monkeys! Everyone has a pair, right? This was knit using one of the kettle dyed Knit Picks sock yarns. The yarn was soft and squishy, but although my two balls were from the same dye lot, there was a significant difference in color. I'd recommend alternating rows if you are the type that would care about stuff that like. Personally, I'd rather deal with the block of color difference than with all those damn ends.

I hate this hat pattern so much I can't even talk about it.

Okay, finally. Something for me. This is the Shalom Cardigan which I knitted for myself. Terribly cute and simple pattern ruined by terrible yarn. I have only worn this cardigan for the pictures.

I'm feeling guilty about all the things in life that should be and shouldn't be and trying to overcome inaction with action.

10 November 2008

Knitting O.D.

Cast on and bound off both mittens in four days. I'm exhausted.