23 November 2008

Food and Fiber

Here is 1/4 of the food I made in preparation for the first meeting of the supper club--homemade hummus, homemade spiced walnuts, homemade vegan chicken wraps. I also made rice pudding balls, salsa, roasted carrot and curry dip, goat cheese with walnut and cranberries canapes. In addition, there was cider, mulled wine and homebrewed beer. We have more than enough leftovers to eat for the next couple of days... finger foods are my weakness, so I'll have plenty of healthy snacks to munch on.

Another felicity hat in what may be the worst picture ever. (Note to self: wake up, drink coffee, shower and watch the shadows.) I am a felicity hat factory over here--I've already got another one on the needles for someone else.

A close-up shot of some homemade granola! Inspired by a friend of mine, oneredboot, I made some delicious granola in my slow cooker on Thursday. You know it's a hit when there's already a request for more (and the first batch isn't finished yet!)

Finally, mom! Look what I found!!!

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