15 November 2008

Weekend Knits + Watching the Fall... Fall.

Yesterday was fall... today looked like winter. It was as if, overnight, all the leaves decided to fall to start preparing for winter. Luckily, the cats find it strangely entertaining--they'll sit and watch the leaves fall to the back deck for hours.

With the rainy and overcast weather, I've been able to finish up some projects: Le Slouch, an unimpressive off-the-needles finish, but when on, quite cute!

And also the world's worst socks:

Yes, they're made to be huge. And yes, they really look terrible. I'm glad I have posting proof that I can actually make pretty, nice, delicate socks as these are almost shameful.

Left to do today: recycle two sweaters' yarn, make chili, start handwarmers, start a felicity hat.. and even kettle dye some fingering weight cashmere. Whew!

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