17 November 2008


This weekend was pretty productive. I finished almost all the projects I had hoped to... more, even. I didn't go to the grocery store. I made vegan strawberry/banana muffins Thursday morning and by the end of my weekend, I even made a vegan chocolate cake. I'm rather proud, as I used only ingredients I had in the house, the strawberries are from our May strawberry-picking adventure and the beer was homebrewed by J. Delicious!

(I will say that taking an attractive picture of a chocolate cake is tougher than it may seem!)

The royal blue kettle dyed cashmere from Sunday afternoon turned out beautifully! It's fingering weight, 100% cashmere that I've recycled from a men's sweater. I've got probably another 1000+ yards to unwind and dye up, but perhaps that's a good project for this weekend.

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oh, that looks delicious!