13 February 2008


and this is only about 15% of what I've done in the past week.

Please get me a new job.

03 February 2008

I am a big kid now...

This week has been spent dyeing roving:

Weight to be determined "J" hand-dyed roving, named in honor of my husband's favorite. (He even touches it in awe!)

Weight to be determined "Springtime Basket" - one of my favorites

Weight to be determined "Mustard Slushie" It's that damn mustard color I love and the blue reminds me of those 7-UP slushies.

Weight to be determined "Horsehead Nebula" after my favorite nebula

and spinning 4oz of merino from FatCat Knits on Etsy:

It's too bad it's been a hell of a week and I haven't done one thing that needed to be done. Oh well, that's why tomorrow exists, right?