03 February 2008

I am a big kid now...

This week has been spent dyeing roving:

Weight to be determined "J" hand-dyed roving, named in honor of my husband's favorite. (He even touches it in awe!)

Weight to be determined "Springtime Basket" - one of my favorites

Weight to be determined "Mustard Slushie" It's that damn mustard color I love and the blue reminds me of those 7-UP slushies.

Weight to be determined "Horsehead Nebula" after my favorite nebula

and spinning 4oz of merino from FatCat Knits on Etsy:

It's too bad it's been a hell of a week and I haven't done one thing that needed to be done. Oh well, that's why tomorrow exists, right?


ducky said...

Yummy roving! I'd love to see pictures of it spun.

Olivia said...

All of the colors look awesome! The springtime basket one reminds me of a watermelon :D They all look great!!!!!

P.S. I'm also your swap partner on craftster. =-)