30 June 2008

Batts are Flying EVERYWHERE!

This morning began with a batt-flying frenzy!

"Fugly Batt #1," blend of corriedale wool and miscellaneous locks purchased from Etsy.

"Spring Peep," blend of mill end wool, merino and firestar.

"Love Shack," mill end wool, icicle top, metallic glitz.

I've learned that a vacation must sometimes mean you turn your phone off until the day you return to work, so everyone, if you need me, you need to email me. Three days off work and each day I've been bothered by work and it's absolutely ridiculous that I don't get the same vacation that everyone else is afforded. So, no phone calls for me for a week.

The craft room is an absolute mess, there's wool everyone, and I couldn't be happier.

29 June 2008

So here's a glimpse of the child you never hear too much about. I agree with his attitude today. It's too hot to be outside (especially without coming back with a tick or two) and it's a perfect day to find a comfortable position and watch the rest of the world pass you by.

Also thought I'd share one of my recent yarns. I was asked by Grieney to spin up some roving she bought at Maryland Sheep & Wool. It's a pound, altogether. This bit is about 3 ounces and 105 yards. Proof that it's not forgotten! I've got it slated, too, to become part of my Tour de Fleece projects starting this week, so it'll will all be finished soon!

I received my Fiber of the Month from Spunky Eclectic this week, too, and I think I'll spin it for TdF, time permitting. This month's selection is a wool/mohair blend, though the mohair is only slightly detectable.

In other news, the family is all being reunited in a matter of an hour or two. Q and I were up at the crack of dawn this morning, so we're going to take a nap before J gets home. I spilled the beans this morning and told Q that his dad was coming home so now he's on high alert. I shouldn't have said anything. Smart pup.

28 June 2008

Entirely Overdue!

Q's leg has seemingly completely healed itself. It's a good thing I'll never have children--I don't think I'm designed to handle the worry. I've been sneaking in some glucosamine and chondroitin and I think it's helped. He's up to his usual self.

The most exciting thing that's happened is that it's actually VACATION time. The word seems almost foreign to me. Vacation. To be honest, I'm so utterly exhausted that it has yet to full sink in. Vacation... No work until July 7th!

I woke up early this morning and ran to the farmer's market to pick up my CSA box. With the weather being so strange (lots of rain, no rain, 90s-100s, 80s), I think the harvest has been equally odd. This week, we had a bag of deliciously ripe tomatoes, a bag of green tomatoes, red/white/blue potatoes, a pint of cherry tomatoes and a big huge bag of basil.

I also spent the morning at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. HYS is such a cute store. Great yarn, always friendly. It may be my current favorite (or, perhaps, it's my infrequent visits that make me really appreciate it). She's got a great selection of yarn--Noro, Debbie Bliss, Malabrigo (swoon!), Rio de la Plata, Dream in Color, Manos... it goes on and on. I spent a huge chunk of time in there this morning, but I did manage to score the second and third volumes of Norah Gaughan's Berroco patterns. I am especially in love with Violette-le-duc , Veil and Porthos.

In actual knitting news (and not just dreaming-of-knitting news), I received my first package from my secret pal on Ravelry! She sent several things, but one of the most exciting parts was a skein of the new(ish) Noro Kuryeon Sock yarn!

I really like the Ziggy sock pattern from the new Knitty and this is exactly what I need to be able to cast on!

I've been working on a lot of projects, but as usual, it's not quite time to share them. Tour de Fleece starts in about a week; I've been working on figuring out exactly what I'm setting aside to spin over the next couple of weeks.

17 June 2008

Fiber of the Month Tinkerings

"Chocolate Covered Cherries," 1.8ounces, mill ends.

So, Thespian Quinn is at it again. I woke up around 3am this morning to find my giant puppy stretched out right against me with his head on my chest. Oh, the drama! When I woke up three hours later, he was downstairs and had put his sleepy, dramatic self on the couch. As I went to take him out, he just sat up, looked at me, jumped down from the couch (and I was watching his feet as he did it). As soon as he walked a step closer, his tail went between his legs and did the tiny wags and began limping again!

I have no doubt that his leg is still sore, but I do also believe that he's milking me for all I'm worth.

In other news, I've been thinking about starting a Fiber of the Month club through my Etsy shop. It's something that I had in the goals when I first started selling my fiber on Etsy and I keep coming back to it. Now that I have a carder, too, I can do a lot more with kettle dyed fibers, which is a bit faster a process than hand painting wool.

Not that I'm having problems keeping up with readers' comments (thanks dragonflyducky! :) but here are some things I'm thinking about:

1. How much fiber should there be every month?
2. Should it be batts or roving? Maybe half of each?
3. Should the club be based on a theme, or just random?
4. Should each person receive the same shipment, or should I try to tailor each month for each person? (Given that this would be small, perhaps 5-10 people at first)
5. Is this sincerely a good idea?

That's just the start and these questions are more to force myself to think about these issues and questions before I jump in.

"Ice Skates" 2 ounces, mill ends.

I'm feeling a bit under the weather, so it's to the couch to watch Keith Olbermann and drink some ginger tea.

16 June 2008

The Things I Can Share...

I think the untold consequence of working 60+ hours in a week is a deep-rooted selfishness for the "weekend" to consist of nothing other than sitting on the couch and dividing my time between knitting and carding. I don't want to make dinner, fold laundry, feed the dog (ok, ok, I'll feed him but only because he's cute and he'll stomp around if he thinks dinner is coming later than 8pm), or even change the channel.

I've parked my satellite signal on MSNBC to watch the continuing coverage of Tim Russert's death. I had two knitting projects at my side--one a secret (for now), and I've exhumed Sugarplum from her grave:

I've roasted garlic, carded up a new batt (see it below!),

I've had a facial, spoke with pops, given a random shoulder massage, and watched Q sadly twist his leg on the couch trying to get off. Being a closeted thespian, this has given Q full opportunity to limp around the house and look gingerly at me as I get his treats off the refrigerator, bring him water, and rub his leg. What a queen. (Thanks, mom, for the motherly advice!)

I spun up a funky single that didn't photograph quite so well. It's a blend of about different fibers--it was hard to draft smoothly, so I just let the uptake grab it as it felt the fancy. The result was a funky, nubby little yarn that I've named "C'est La Vie." 1oz, 60-something-or-other-ish yards.

10 June 2008

I'm undeniably in love with my drum carder. Despite the occasional knick (yes, there has been blood), I am still in a perpetual dream, wanting to card wool and bamboo and firestar and angelica and.. well, you get the point.

Latest creations:

"Ghttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifeorgia Peach Gone Batty!" -- the batt namesake of "Georgia Peach" one of my Etsy shop's best selling colorways. This has the extra touch of glittery metallic. Absolutely love it!

"Chartreuse Caboose." OOAK batt. I can't even remember how I came to dye up such an odd color wool. Was it koolaid? Was it a second dye bath? No memory. But anyway. This is fun in its own way. Corriedale/bamboo blend.

In other news, I'm about 90% finished with a big, gigantic knitting project. I've completely finished another knitting project. (These are both secrets so I can't share just yet!) I restarted the Sugarplum Shrug (from the Holiday IK) and I'm about two inches in the lace pattern--fun! I just got some great sock yarn from Knutty on Ravelry:

.. and I'm itching to start socks. I'm telling myself to wait until I'm 100% done with this massive project and I'll be free to start a pair.

We've been constantly around people the last two weeks, so I'm finding it hard to really find a ton of time to devote to knitting (and that isn't being taken over by the drum carder). With company in town for the last two weeks, company over for dinner.. it'll be nice when I've got some time to sit around, drink coffee and just knit.

05 June 2008

As usual, I can't share a lot of what I've been working on, but I will share these two small, tasty bits of fiber heaven:

"Verd"igo - 1.5oz mill end wool batt

and "Underwater Treasure", 1.7oz mill end and firestar batt

I'm using the next two days off work to really keep my dye pots busy and I'm in the middle of processing my first raw fleece! It's a Babydoll Southdown fleece from Puddles, via the description a "curious" creature who apparently likes to roll around in the dirt. And other stuff. (I'm leaving descriptions out) The fleece is on its third wash and slowly looking more like fluffy wool and less like Puddles' 3 am party. I got the fleece from .

I've got lots of spinning in the queue. Lots finished, too, but I'm waiting for various packages to arrive in their new homes before plastering the pictures here.

In the next week, I hope to finish up a pair of quick-knit socks and get started on some other projects. We'll see. :)