16 June 2008

The Things I Can Share...

I think the untold consequence of working 60+ hours in a week is a deep-rooted selfishness for the "weekend" to consist of nothing other than sitting on the couch and dividing my time between knitting and carding. I don't want to make dinner, fold laundry, feed the dog (ok, ok, I'll feed him but only because he's cute and he'll stomp around if he thinks dinner is coming later than 8pm), or even change the channel.

I've parked my satellite signal on MSNBC to watch the continuing coverage of Tim Russert's death. I had two knitting projects at my side--one a secret (for now), and I've exhumed Sugarplum from her grave:

I've roasted garlic, carded up a new batt (see it below!),

I've had a facial, spoke with pops, given a random shoulder massage, and watched Q sadly twist his leg on the couch trying to get off. Being a closeted thespian, this has given Q full opportunity to limp around the house and look gingerly at me as I get his treats off the refrigerator, bring him water, and rub his leg. What a queen. (Thanks, mom, for the motherly advice!)

I spun up a funky single that didn't photograph quite so well. It's a blend of about different fibers--it was hard to draft smoothly, so I just let the uptake grab it as it felt the fancy. The result was a funky, nubby little yarn that I've named "C'est La Vie." 1oz, 60-something-or-other-ish yards.

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ducky said...

After a 60 hr week you should be able to vegetate on the couch a bit! We are really sad about Tim Russert too ; ( DH works for MSNBC and it hit everyone especially hard there. Hope you get some time to really have fun with your drum carder soon!