23 April 2007

Yesterday was an attempt to ruin everything I touched. I shouldn't trying to shove sewing/knitting/creative time into time that should be designated for categorically shoving my belongings into neatly labeled boxes.

Less than a week until we move! While I'm excited, it's a ton of work. I can't believe that for a long time, I moved every year--it has been nice to be in the same space for long enough to find things I had forgotten I had! I will miss the evening walks to Weaver Street, or walking Q through the bike paths, but I really want a place with more space and more land. I've been feeling very overcrowded here. Every store there's a line, every light, there's a wait. When you walk, you have to constantly navigate around other groups of people. I do like Carrboro, but the parts that I like best about the town haven't really seemed the same in the last couple of months.

More importantly, I have a new favorite movie: disco pigs

LOVED it. I've watched it twice and will soon add it to our collection. Of course, Cillian Murphy doesn't hurt, but I recommend it to everyone, regardless of how they feel about CM's perfect lips. Great soundtrack, too.

So, no new pictures. I found the camera, and the charger, but not the cable that connects everything, so I'm just going to pretend it's packed up somewhere in a box and not say another word. Camera = constant stream of bad luck.

10 April 2007

Matchbox Swap

I think all my partners have received, so here are the pictures of the matchboxes I made for this swap! I tried to make them all 3-D since we were limited with design space.

The owl ended up being slightly different--I found out that my partner's favorite colors were blue and orange, so I colored in the wings to make them orange.

The original swap was to create three matchboxes and fill them with all sorts of fun craft-related supplies. I ended up doing four to help out our organizer--the mouse was drawn entirely freehand, and it's probably the one I was unsure of the most and the box I was most nervous to send.

Here's a good shot of the type of things I crammed into the boxes. It's amazing how much you can fit into these little ones! I was very, very, surprised!

I finally received my recycled sari silk yarn. It's glorious! The colors are so amazing and rich--trying to take an accurate picture would be an impossibility for me. I've started an elongated stitch scarf with one of the skeins. The combination of the deep colors and the nubby texture just screamed for something fun and airy.

Mom: Use those @#!@$ washcloths! I can send you more, I promise!!

08 April 2007

needle book

I finished one knitting project this weekend. Of course, can't show it until later!!! (This time, probably not for another month.)

I should be able to post my matchboxes by the end of this week. I mailed them on Thursday so hopefully my partners will get them Monday or Tuesday.

In the meantime, I created my own needle book case. I'm tired of looking around for lost needles, risking the occasional stab in my hand! Hopefully, this will end all that drama.

Truth be told, I'm feeling a little under the weather today. I'm sure it's the ridiculously chilly temperatures and my sneaky allergies. I thought this year I'd be free to run in the woods and to keep the windows open with the aid of my fancy nasal steroids. Today, my sinuses are feeling heavy and just plain nasty. Blah.

Tomorrow we are looking at a house at 12pm. Fingers crossed.

03 April 2007


This past weekend was great, as my finished projects actually outnumbered the unfinished, long-forgotten projects for once!

I finally started (and finished!) the garterlac dishcloth I've been thinking about for the last two months.

And a close-up:

I learned that the garterlac was a lot of fun, but also a bit time consuming and frankly, a couple of times my mind wandered and I got lost in the knitting with all the turns, slipped stitches and passes. At first, I was a bit afraid to frog parts of it, but I realized that the joy of picking up stitches means you can frog without being afraid of unravelling everything!

I've got three swaps on the burner for craftster right now. I've almost finished one of them--just have to put on the final touches and run them off to the post office. I have taken pictures but I won't post until my partners receive.

Mom: your presents will be in the mail this week! Maybe tomorrow?