21 February 2007

Oh, the weather has been amazing, my weekend was wonderful and we saw a double rainbow today, but my, how stressful stress can be!

My mom & grandfather visited us on Sunday. It was wonderful to see them both. I cooked a giant vegetarian feast and was so stuffed for the rest of the day that I could hardly move.

Monday, with a flurry of crafting not seen yet, I learned about the joys of ironing (it can actually be fun!), I worked on my hat some more (will it ever be finished?), and started (and FINISHED!!!) a pair of wool slippers.

Tuesday was a terrible day. I spent my lunch hour undergoing some intensive "yarn therapy." I am hiding the reciept from J and spent the rest of the afternoon in the office at work trying to resist the urge to pull the yarn out "one more time" to play with. Oh, I've got yarn for almost every occassion, and even some I have absolutely NO idea what to do with.

I wanted to post pictures of the slippers and also these very, very cute coasters. The battery is dead (why does this keep happening?!) and the charger is downstairs. One would think that something would motivate me to either 1) take the battery out of the camera, take it downstairs and charge the battery, or 2) bring the charger upstairs to charge the battery here, however, these two ideas can be further from the truth. I hate making trips of any kind for only A reason. Give me at least two and I'll think on it.

Q has been quite a curious pup of late. He carried one of my slippers upstairs, devoured the plastic bottle containing the cat's medicine and has been quite moody.

I think I'll take a bath and try to soak some of this out. Pictures soon!

11 February 2007

A LOT of Nothing!

This weekend, though productive mentally, has lacked in show. I have started a lace hat pattern. A lot of firsts with this one--working in the round, some new increase/decrease stitches, first lace pattern. It's been a great & rewarding (and yes, hair-pulling) adventure. Although it's faaaaaar from as wonderful as I want it to be, I realized that maybe I should finish the pattern from start to finish all the way through. I don't want to get to the end of the pattern and realize that I have no idea what I'm doing.

I also made my first cat toy. The cat wasn't too happy about sniffing the catnip through the bag, but once it was in felt fish form, it was too irresistable! The dog even wanted to join in (but we know he's a big bully).

I have lots that I still want to try to finish up this weekend, but it's half over and I'm not making much progress. The house is a mess. My attempts to sew have take n my coveted free time from washing the sheets.

05 February 2007

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

This was my first attempt to do any strand knitting. It was so insanely easy that a) I think maybe I missed something and did it entirely wrong, or b) I should not have waited so long to do it.

Not only did it go much better than I anticipated, the entire project was a fast knit--I started this late last night and had it finished up before the afternoon. It was also a very mindless patern... that is, until I started imagining what my dog would like like wearing the scarf, and I started stitching with the wrong yarn.. But, tell me, could you stay focused?

I am going to try a more complicated pattern later tonight. We'll see how that goes before I get overly excited...

04 February 2007

To Every Craft, A Purpose!

Before I show you my new project, remember I began sewing with my machine when I made those potholders... was it two weeks ago?

I present to you: my knitting case!

And here's more:

Of course, I have no pattern to use so I flew by the seat of my pants, which is a dangerous thing to do when you know as little as I do about these sorts of things. I think it turned out well.. I'm excited to use it! Next time, there are a couple of things I think I would do differently, but I am really proud of my Sunday morning project.