10 April 2007

Matchbox Swap

I think all my partners have received, so here are the pictures of the matchboxes I made for this swap! I tried to make them all 3-D since we were limited with design space.

The owl ended up being slightly different--I found out that my partner's favorite colors were blue and orange, so I colored in the wings to make them orange.

The original swap was to create three matchboxes and fill them with all sorts of fun craft-related supplies. I ended up doing four to help out our organizer--the mouse was drawn entirely freehand, and it's probably the one I was unsure of the most and the box I was most nervous to send.

Here's a good shot of the type of things I crammed into the boxes. It's amazing how much you can fit into these little ones! I was very, very, surprised!

I finally received my recycled sari silk yarn. It's glorious! The colors are so amazing and rich--trying to take an accurate picture would be an impossibility for me. I've started an elongated stitch scarf with one of the skeins. The combination of the deep colors and the nubby texture just screamed for something fun and airy.

Mom: Use those @#!@$ washcloths! I can send you more, I promise!!

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