30 June 2008

Batts are Flying EVERYWHERE!

This morning began with a batt-flying frenzy!

"Fugly Batt #1," blend of corriedale wool and miscellaneous locks purchased from Etsy.

"Spring Peep," blend of mill end wool, merino and firestar.

"Love Shack," mill end wool, icicle top, metallic glitz.

I've learned that a vacation must sometimes mean you turn your phone off until the day you return to work, so everyone, if you need me, you need to email me. Three days off work and each day I've been bothered by work and it's absolutely ridiculous that I don't get the same vacation that everyone else is afforded. So, no phone calls for me for a week.

The craft room is an absolute mess, there's wool everyone, and I couldn't be happier.

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