10 June 2008

I'm undeniably in love with my drum carder. Despite the occasional knick (yes, there has been blood), I am still in a perpetual dream, wanting to card wool and bamboo and firestar and angelica and.. well, you get the point.

Latest creations:

"Ghttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifeorgia Peach Gone Batty!" -- the batt namesake of "Georgia Peach" one of my Etsy shop's best selling colorways. This has the extra touch of glittery metallic. Absolutely love it!

"Chartreuse Caboose." OOAK batt. I can't even remember how I came to dye up such an odd color wool. Was it koolaid? Was it a second dye bath? No memory. But anyway. This is fun in its own way. Corriedale/bamboo blend.

In other news, I'm about 90% finished with a big, gigantic knitting project. I've completely finished another knitting project. (These are both secrets so I can't share just yet!) I restarted the Sugarplum Shrug (from the Holiday IK) and I'm about two inches in the lace pattern--fun! I just got some great sock yarn from Knutty on Ravelry:

.. and I'm itching to start socks. I'm telling myself to wait until I'm 100% done with this massive project and I'll be free to start a pair.

We've been constantly around people the last two weeks, so I'm finding it hard to really find a ton of time to devote to knitting (and that isn't being taken over by the drum carder). With company in town for the last two weeks, company over for dinner.. it'll be nice when I've got some time to sit around, drink coffee and just knit.

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ducky said...

yay for drum carders! : )