17 June 2008

Fiber of the Month Tinkerings

"Chocolate Covered Cherries," 1.8ounces, mill ends.

So, Thespian Quinn is at it again. I woke up around 3am this morning to find my giant puppy stretched out right against me with his head on my chest. Oh, the drama! When I woke up three hours later, he was downstairs and had put his sleepy, dramatic self on the couch. As I went to take him out, he just sat up, looked at me, jumped down from the couch (and I was watching his feet as he did it). As soon as he walked a step closer, his tail went between his legs and did the tiny wags and began limping again!

I have no doubt that his leg is still sore, but I do also believe that he's milking me for all I'm worth.

In other news, I've been thinking about starting a Fiber of the Month club through my Etsy shop. It's something that I had in the goals when I first started selling my fiber on Etsy and I keep coming back to it. Now that I have a carder, too, I can do a lot more with kettle dyed fibers, which is a bit faster a process than hand painting wool.

Not that I'm having problems keeping up with readers' comments (thanks dragonflyducky! :) but here are some things I'm thinking about:

1. How much fiber should there be every month?
2. Should it be batts or roving? Maybe half of each?
3. Should the club be based on a theme, or just random?
4. Should each person receive the same shipment, or should I try to tailor each month for each person? (Given that this would be small, perhaps 5-10 people at first)
5. Is this sincerely a good idea?

That's just the start and these questions are more to force myself to think about these issues and questions before I jump in.

"Ice Skates" 2 ounces, mill ends.

I'm feeling a bit under the weather, so it's to the couch to watch Keith Olbermann and drink some ginger tea.

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ducky said...

I don't really know anything about fiber of the month clubs....but I can answer a few of those questions! I like to have at least 4 ounces of a fiber to spin. I like both batts and rovings, but I think many people prefer rovings(?) I think you would go nuts tailoring to people's individual tastes....which can be hard to figure out anyway. People do tend to like themes....and as for whether you should do it???? Maybe you can ask around on some ravelry boards as there are some experienced etsy sellers there. If you can get the customers it would be some guaranteed sales!