03 July 2008

Grr.. I can't believe my vacation is officially over the hill. I think I'll spend the next three days consulting sages, oracles, psychics and throwing bones to figure out what lottery numbers will get me the jackpot.

J wanted to go to Urban Outfitters yesterday to get some new, widowmaker-friendly pants. I managed to get a new, ugly-color cardigan out of the journey, though, and tried to snap a shot of me in it so I could see exactly how ugly the color was on me (I don't care, thank you):

(Excuse the rumpled shirt, too. Mom, I promise I do laundry but this is vacation!)

(Oh, and mom and dad, you may not know this, but I got extensions about 6 weeks ago.)

Not really getting as much knitting done this week as I had hoped. Ravelry has sucked a lot of time out of me, and I started adding pictures of my stash, which led to me reorganizing the craft room... I did make a new batt, though, called "Spice Rack."

Merino and corriedale wool, glitz. A tiny batt, but spicy! 0.6oz.

I think I may be dying of a spider bite, too. I just went out to the shed to get our second box fan and felt a sharp bite. It started itching, I scratched it, but then I noticed all the spiders around and started freaking out. (Important for the story--we recently had a pregnant black widow that lived right outside our door.) So, now I'm carefully watching it, wondering if my turned off phone has enough juice to call the hospital when I start fading. I'm feeling a bit numb in my hand, too, but I'm also crazy and a hypochondriac.

I did look around at the possible spider culprits (there were several) but I can't say who it may have been. Let's hope, for their sake, that this is just a mosquito bite.

It's dinner time for the pup. I can tell because he's moved to being in the same room as me and is panting and staring.


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goldfishgirl said...

Hope you survive the spider bite - we need you around to keep making and posting pictures of those gorgeous spinning batts! Love those spice colours...