21 July 2008


It's been a really interesting week. In the words of someone who I respect, admire, and whose advice I will seek out in my journey, there are three steps: awakening, anticipation and then action, and I've only dipped my toes into the pool of awakening.

This week hasn't been without slip-ups--you know those things that you do without thinking because right now, it doesn't really matter... and then as you munch of your ridiculously expensive bag of 'gourmet' jordan almonds (example only!) an hour later, you realize that it wasn't a good choice. Or, one that you should make again.

But, we did a lot of positive things. We turned off the air. We turned off the television. We did stick to most of the menu, but as it turns out, our ability to coordinate our schedules to have meals every night together isn't always at 100%, so we've still got food for three meals for this week that we'll carry over.

I'm going to sit down mid-week this week to plan the rest of the meals. J's mom will be in town Friday-Sunday so I've got to also think about feeding an extra person.

I've also done some 'research' to find people who are feeling the same way about culture and life as I have been feeling:

Simple Living Network
Choosing Voluntary Simplicity

That's a good start, I think, to keep some focus in my thinking.

The best part is, since I've started writing about this, several people have come up to me and said, "me, too" and that gives me a lot of hope for the future.

Crafty news... Well, let's see. This week has been a rush getting a bunch of late and soon-to-be-late swap packages in the mail. I'll be glad when I don't have to worry about them so much because it really is a drain. Of course I love getting packages in the mail, but there's just a point where it's too much.

Soon I'll be able to share pictures of all my recent top-secret projects!


Tamsie said...

Hi Cheryl! Good luck as you pursue simplicity and serenity. Sounds like you'd enjoy Chatham County.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl! I'm so happy for you, that you're following your heart!

It will suck not having you in as many swaps, though!

-superhooker from craftster
(I can't get it to let me post with my name!)

Stephen said...

Hi Cheryl dearie! here's another blog that i think fits with your grand ideas of living smaller.
it's one of my few daily reads.
love and smoochies
Karen (knutty from ravelry)