05 July 2008

All The News

Holy shit.

I will never eat french onion dip again. Ever.

And I'm sorry, but I just will not.

I've given the speech to the husband to spare him the anguish of having to grapple with whether or not to divorce me given the current state, but damn.

Because (despite the language), I will keep this family-friendly, I will spare everyone the details. Let's just be thankful that I'm not divorced and there are more interesting things going on.

The fourth we spent with a friend, playing the Wii, drinking beer (and perhaps America is getting back at me for drinking imports?), and eating good ol' American food--we grilled out with veggie dogs and burgers, made some chili, baked beans and potato salad. (And this intestinal riot is the thanks I get!)

We did also manage to give Q a haircut while he was least expecting. (I joke, really, because he's ALWAYS good about baths, haircuts, nail trimming.. he's almost always good, even. Really. I'm not lying.) But, LOOK what a handsome dog I have! I swear!!

I couldn't be more proud of him if I really was his mother. Mom, Dad -- you would have been SO proud of him yesterday! Even with strange people over, he barked once, and within a minute or two, our guests were petting him and everything was completely fine. Q is such an affirmation of life. I think he started off with worst circumstances than most other dogs, but he's just so.. amazing. He's a lesson that hard work and patience pays off. And that love truly is unconditional.

AND that a haircut can make a big difference!

Okay, enough gloating about the dog..

My car is practicing its camouflage:

... or did we just get a terrible storm?

And in fiber news (no pun intended with the first mentioned subject), I haven't carded up anything new, but I have managed to put about 75% of my stash on Ravelry AND I reorganized a bit, too.

(Luckily, you can't tell the other 80% of the craft room is still a bit of a mess.)

I finished up a project that I started in March and I'm pretty happy with the results. I'll post pictures here in just a couple more weeks.

I'm off to sip tea and relax. I hope.

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Myownigloo said...

Ewwww. I'm coveting your stash.

(And the dog's haircut looks nice.)