13 November 2008

More Knitting?

Oh, ladies and gents, I've still been plenty busy with new projects, but I did want to share some of the other things I've finished up to be sent along to their new homes before they get lost in my Flickr photostream forever:

Closeup from a pair of socks from Vogue Sock Knitting. I lose knitting points as I can't remember/I'm too lazy to recall the pattern name.

Monkeys! Everyone has a pair, right? This was knit using one of the kettle dyed Knit Picks sock yarns. The yarn was soft and squishy, but although my two balls were from the same dye lot, there was a significant difference in color. I'd recommend alternating rows if you are the type that would care about stuff that like. Personally, I'd rather deal with the block of color difference than with all those damn ends.

I hate this hat pattern so much I can't even talk about it.

Okay, finally. Something for me. This is the Shalom Cardigan which I knitted for myself. Terribly cute and simple pattern ruined by terrible yarn. I have only worn this cardigan for the pictures.

I'm feeling guilty about all the things in life that should be and shouldn't be and trying to overcome inaction with action.

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Are you serious? you hate that hat pattern.
it is so cool!
and i love the color!