28 November 2008

Thanksgiving + After

Well, luckily, I'm feeling better today. I've heard from several people in the area that there's a weird bug going around--runny nose, aches, slight fever. The good news is that it lasts a couple of days and it's gone, so I can return to doing laundry and knitting.

Of course, not that knitting ever ceases:

... there's the owl-cabled hat. The dark wool makes the cables a bit difficult to make out, but they look like little horned owls.

And, of course, Thanksgiving Day knitting, where I was joined by an unexpected visitor:

(He's usually too busy with his sleeping-under-the-bed routine to bother with us humans)

And the results of what I was working on:

I wouldn't say that I designed this baby hat, as it was based off a picture of someone's Wists and I just used it as a guide. The original creator sells them on Etsy, so I wouldn't say that I created this at all--BUT, there are parts of this hat I am really proud of + excited to have figured out. I think it turned out pretty cute, wouldn't you agree?



Both hats looks delicious:)

ducky said...

Very very cute hat!