22 January 2008

Free Yarn (and no, I'm not dead!)

Ok. I'm not dead. See? I'm updating my blog. That isn't something dead people typically do.

So, this is what's up.

I need guinea pigs.

(I like guinea pigs, so don't take this as a "I-want-to-test-fragances-on-your-skin-for-fatal-reactions" thing)

I am starting to like my spinning, but I need guinea pigs.. someone I can send my yarn to and you'll write a mini-report like:

"damn, that yarn was awesome. i want more."


"Cheryl, W@^$#%@ were you thinking when you did this? Were you drinking?"


"I'd rather be surrounded by acrylic"

etc. etc.

First three people who comment (in case I have that many readers, ha ha!) get free yarn! Leave your email address in your comment (like thisismyemailaddress at yomamma dot com) and I'll e-mail you to get details.

Oneredboot, you'll get it free, so don't you even try.



ducky said...

hey! You're yarn looks great!
I'd love to try knitting with it if you really want to part with some....maybe we can trade?

Dulcinea said...

oh honey, you want a guinea pig, you got a guinea pig.... though i love the creamsicle colored yarn!

so if you'd like me to road test your yarn (which we can all do with our beta test needles?), i'm happy to take it for a spin (so to speak)....

so tell me what i can do for you, my friend?

ziggy4ever2000 said...

Your yarn looks awesome. I crochet but I would still love to test it if you like.

Dinosaurus Meg said...

Dang it, comment number 4! If you have extra, I got really good grades in all my English classes and Am pretty dang good at reports, especially mini reports. :D

oneredboot said...

dulcinea, back off, that creamsicle yarn is mine!!! (thank you, cheryl...) :)