17 January 2009

On and On

"Spring is Coming?" - handspun yarn spun from Spunky Eclectic roving. South African Fine Wool--beautiful and fun to spin. About 63 yards.

"Toxic Avenger" from art batts by Craftster's frankierevolver--made of wool, silk noils and glitz. This came out to about 25 yards. Fun spinning as I just let the universe have its way with it.. I think this is enough to make a funky neckwarmer, or to use as an accent on a hat or scarf.

This week, I've spent plenty of time browsing over on BookMooch--I highly recommend everyone running over there to try it out. It's a free website to join and use and the only costs you'll incur are costs shipping paperbacks/magazines/etc to people who have requested them. You are awarded points for adding books to your inventory that you're willing to part with. Each time a book in your inventory is requested, you get a point that you can then turn around and request another book from someone else. Because it's an international community, you also have access to books in other countries that you wouldn't in the US, or if you're looking for a book in another language, it's much easier to find. Have I mentioned, too, that it's a terrific way to recycle all your old books?

I, shamefully, haven't knit a stitch since last Sunday. I think today's a day to devote to the couch, Hank Williams, and a bunch of long-forgotten projects.

12 January 2009

Armless Wabbit

New year, new crafts. Soy wax votive candles, a nuno felted scarf and an armless rabbit are all parading around here while my knitting waits.

Don't worry--I haven't forgotten my goals this year. They're just on the back burner for a little bit.