30 January 2007

Tuesday and It's a Week

The kids had their doctor's appointment yesterday morning. Unfortunately, not all good news.. turns out that Oscar has a significant heart murmur, serious enough the doctor suggested we get an ultrasound to determine the cause. It's likely an inherited trait, but I keep looking at the little guy and the more I think about his broken heart, the more mine breaks. How accustomed I've become to my gray-haired boy club I snuggle with every morning. So, this post is to the cat, whose patience may rub off on me yet!

There's my newest knitting pet.. It's my first cable (at least first in a loooong time) and it's a honeycomb cable stitch. I didn't really have a purpose in starting it, so I guess this will be a scarf? I want to start color work next.

I have also not neglected my sewing duties:

Earth Fare is going out of business here, so I stocked up with some lavender flowers to fill up these pouches. A minute in the microwave, and it's nirvana!

27 January 2007

No, It's Not What It Seems

The following has kept me from my updates:

1. I went to post, to find the camera battery had died.
2. Now that the camera batter is (presumably) recharged, I have no idea where DH has misplaced said camera.
3. A little shopping adventure to the local craft store has left me with tons of fun things to play with--I am admittedly a little distracted.
4. I learned one valuable (extremely valuable) lesson regarding yarn and afghans: purchase everything you think you'll need at one time, rather than relying on good luck.
5. My nascent cabling project is not yet pretty and I am ashamed to post.
6. However, that being said, I did finish "I" for the afghan, but, refer to #4.

More updates coming.

23 January 2007

One Day & I am Cheating

Okay, so this was really finished last night. Well, super-technically, Tuesday morning around 1am, so it is being counted for today. Another segment of my nephew's ongoing alphabet quilt. Although this is the "C," this is actually the 7th piece I've finished for it. 19 more to go.

It's hard to really see how vibrant the green is. The way it was photographed, it also looks a little, well, holey. It's definitely not. I think I'll try to post a picture of the three colors together and in the meantime, try to figure out how to take better pictures.

Thanks to Erin, a sinus pillow!

22 January 2007

Whipping Out the Sewing Machine

Yesterday's 1st monthly Craft Brunch left some itchy fingers on me. I whipped out my sewing machine (I got it two years ago and have touched it once--to resew a dog toy) (luckily he didn't care about aesthetics), visited the local sewing boutique and set out to play around.

I like the larger/solid red one better--the designs are hard to see and my photograph skills are as rough as my ability to sew a straight line. The second one is cuter, I think, but I'd already do some things differently...mainly the stitching on the sides. I may go through there tomorrow, rip it up and redo it. Anyhow. It's late enough I should call it a day and be thankful.