22 March 2009


Congrats to Monique! She was the closest to guessing my stash mileage. Monique, would you be so kind to email me (lapoliknits at gmail dot com) with your address and I'll see that your squishy, beautiful sock yarn hits the mail this week!


Marissa said...

Congratulations to Monique! Now, don't leave us hanging...just how many miles were there??? (Proving just how lazy I can be...I could just go find her comment, right?)

Jackie said...

Ok. She guessed 44 miles. And my jaw is dropped.

SERIOUSLY? Man, I gotta have my Scott look at this. I told him I needed a bigger stash! Mine's only 30 miles (give or take)!

ducky said...

Holy cow! You must have a wonderful stash! Maybe you could post a picture of it : )