27 September 2008

Pig and Runt

Well, it's been an unfortunately long time since I last updated, and I'll spend the rest of my day flogging myself for being lazy.

But, guess how J surprised me for our first anniversary?

One kitten with eight legs?

Nope. Two kittens with four legs each. Brother and sister. Pig (on the left) and Runt (on the right). Their names are not only perfectly suited for their behaviors, they're named after the two characters in my favorite movie, Disco Pigs.

How could you not be completely, utterly in love with them?

Pig, the little boy, is brave, gregarious, fearless, but very watchful of Runt. No matter where she is, he will know. He's a bit reckless and I think he's been showing off a bit, probably for her as much as for us.

Runt is a tiny, tiny thing. She's very alert and engaged, but she has an inner peace or sense of self I think Pig won't have. She's social, friendly and I think she calms Pig.

They are very in tune with one another. I'll watch them swat things with the same paw at the same time. They sleep curled up. Very often, they move the same way at the same time. They are each other's best friends and I can't help but feel overwhelmed watching them. Completely amazing.


HANNAH said...

Happy Anniversary! Your Hub gave a great gift of hours of adorable entertainment! WAY better than TV! So cute!

Hanks In The Hood said...

What cuties! I love the names. Happy Anniversary.