05 October 2008

A Spoonful of Sugar

I have been knitting a lot lately. How much is a lot? So much that it has caused a very, very, very uncomfortable back/shoulder/neck spasm.

Of course, my husband was the first to ask me if my pain was in any manner related to knitting, and, of course, I denied it because it was obvious that I had slept wrong. But... almost a bottle of Advil later and the constant aching that's occurred anytime I go near my knitting... I have to admit. He was right.


I have gotten so much done. (Is that surprising?)

And now, I'm in so much pain that unless I'm every-four-hours-guzzling-Advil, I can hardly move. (My four hours is almost up and every muscle in my back feels it). Am I really that old? Is my posture that bad? (Yes.)

Runt is sitting at the top of the keyboard swatting at my fingers. I think I'll leave any bits she feels like adding--obviously, she has something to say. I will say that the kittens are about the cutest creatures ever designed. (Bad for the knitting, too, I may add.) Monkey is PISSED about the kittens, but Q LOVES them! He'll come in the room, sniff at them, and they'll walk right up to him, snert him, rub up against his head, swat at his Ho-Chi-Min Beard and he's very, very patient d2wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (sorry, Runt) with them. I can't wait to catch them snuggling on the couch.

So.. does anyone have any good home remedies that will have me knitting again in a couple hours??


HANNAH said...

One part Weleda Arnica Massage Oil (orange box at Whole Foods), one part Very Helpful Husband. Put these two parts together and have fun! After massage apply extra heat to affected areas and rest a bit. Arnica is warming to muscles and healing to all types of trauma. Works extremely well on knitter's tired hands too. Works best applied to hands and wrists before knitting, to warm you up for long knitting jags. Feel better!

ducky said...

I knit myself into knots sometimes too. I roll up a towel, place it on the floor and lay on it, lining it up with my spine....and lay like that for a little while. It helps relax the muscles in your shoulders and back. Now I try to remember to get up and do some stretching or yoga poses during marathon knitting sessions. Hope you feel better quickly!