24 October 2008

All the News

Woo! I voted yesterday! Woo! I have to say--it was an amazing feeling walking out of the voting booth and feeling like something good may happen for the country soon. GO VOTE if you haven't already!

I've been trying hard to capture Pig's water drinking habits. Often, he'll sit in the dog's bowl as he drinks, but always, he leaves with a tiny water droplet attached to his tiny chin. Ack, what cuteness! It kills me.

And to those who think I never do anything but blabber on about the family, here's proof! A knit bonnet--the first pattern I ever changed so much. I took a baby's bonnet pattern and rewrote it for an adult-sized noggin. I'll post the changes over on Ravelry, but I would do things differently next time. I forgot how much cotton stretches.

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