10 October 2008

I know, I know, but...

I realize my intention in starting this blog was to keep up with crafts, knitting specifically, but I always find one reason or another to only update it with animal photos.

So, in keeping with my new tradition:

P and R yesterday afternoon. I think R is showing P something. She's now the boss.

I will say that it's utterly EXHAUSTING having added two kittens to the household. I feel like I'm always cleaning out litter boxes, feeding the cat, or feeding the kittens, or feeding the dog, or taking the dog out. Knitting can't happen while the kittens are awake, or if I try, I'll end up with a knitting needles in the mouths of one of the two.

But... even still, they've settled quite nicely into life with the rest of us crazies. R is absolutely IN LOVE with her big brother, Q. I've snapped a couple photos of the two snuggling on the couch, on the floor. She LOVES him.

They're both very affectionate, sweet, sweet kittens. The only one not completely sold is still O/M. He's being a bratty older brother, but the kittens are wearing him down by chasing after his tail while he's on the stairs. I'm sure he loves that.

Eventually, I imagine all six of us on the bed, sleeping in on a Sunday morning. For now, my knitting needles and I are trying to find a safe hiding spot where I can knit without the curiosity of kittens nearby.

Coming off the needles: secret project #2 and Morning Surf scarf (and who said knitting a scarf with sock yarn was a great idea?).

Going on the Needles: Secret Projects #3, #4, and #5, and the Owlie Bling Scarf for Suzanne.

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