19 April 2009


Well, the "thing in the wall," I guess, has found its way back outdoors. It's been over a week and I don't smell anything unusual seeping from the walls of the den, so we can put that saga behind us. Thankfully.

Adjusting back into a 40-hr work week has been difficult. I feel like I haven't seen J in about three weeks. I haven't knit a stitch. My energy and patience for almost everything have waned. Strangely, in some odd ways, I'm feeling more productive, but in others, remarkably less so. It's a strange middle ground and I know that things are not going to get better.. ever, really. So, I need to prioritize, find peace and strength in times where I'm roaring on the inside and unstable on the outside. I need to carve out little niches of time that are for me only.

But enough complaining, as I actually have exciting news that I haven't shared with you yet! My fiber (from my sadly empty Etsy store) made it into the Spring 2009 Spin Off Magazine! How cool is that?

Anyway, in one of my oddly productive ways, I've started making these tiny little batts. They are usually a bit over half an ounce and I think they're fun and really, really cute!


Jackie said...

Those are neat! I'm currently refusing to start carding - I just know that it's another rabbit hole that I should be going down right now. :)

goldfishgirl said...

Pretty batts! So pleased you spotted the fibre, the colours have come out well in print don't you think? :)