04 April 2009

Spring Fever

See, the thing about spring is that you can have a room full of options and still be indecisive. Should I work on the front panel of the Fair Isle Yoke Sweater? Or start a pair of socks? 13 hours later, and I still haven't made up my mind, so I've done nothing. Great, isn't it?

I did sprain my ankle falling down the front stairs Wednesday morning. No, Q was not involved--I just fell on my own graces. This morning was the first day I've walked without a limp, but it my ankle is feeling better.

I'm also on the hunt for the dress. You know, THE dress. My very amazing husband has even given the okay to spend an ungodly amount of money finding one. We'll see. I looked through a bunch of websites and haven't found it yet. I'd prefer something vintage, knee-length with a nice, summery print. Either blue or green. And it has to be spectacular. I will know it when I see it, but I haven't seen it yet. I did find this beauty at Nordstroms, but I hate that it only comes in navy, so I'm still looking. I'm scoping out the vintage site where I found my wedding dress--if it worked once, it'll work again... right?


Jackie said...

Oh no on the ankle!!!

And I think I missed something, what is "thee dress" for?

Cheryl Knits said...

Yes, I am the most graceful person ever.

And the dress (er, THE dress) is for two weddings we're going to this summer. I'll just say it needs to be a great dress.

How was Mexico, by the way? I hope you had a great time!