29 August 2008

Saturn Return

For anyone who isn't into astrology, the next little bit may be a little.. full of hoopla for you.

We had a staff meeting Monday night where it was announced I would be part-time (I won't amuse you to think this was the reason for the entire staff meeting.) Since Monday, though, several of my co-workers have approached me to ask about my wool dyeing, asking what I'll be doing, etc. One of the approached me today--she's a wonderful photographer--and commented that it made sense. Of course it did. It was my Saturn return.

The Saturn Return marks one complete orbit of Saturn around the sun. Usually, this occurs between your 27-30th birthday. Saturn is known as the "House of Troubles" or "The House of Karma" and so, according to astrologers, knowing where my Saturn was at the moment of my birth will help me understand what type of roadblocks I face. At the moment of my birth, it appears that Saturn was in Virgo--a sign marked with restraint, discipline, limitations, and structure.

As my sun sign is Capricorn--a sign ruled by Saturn--I'm curious as to how this may impact this Saturn Return.

Anyway. Hoopla. But it's interesting. It'll give me something to think about.

No new knitting news... but tomorrow is my last day in a full week's schedule! Hallelujah!

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