03 August 2008


Lots to update here...

First, the menu of the week-ish. It's a week"ish" because it didn't start when it was supposed to and it won't end when it is supposed to, so it's a week-ish menu:

Lemon Pepper Tofu with Quinoa, Corn and Onion (we had this last night and it was delicious!)

(tonight's menu) Italian-Style Kidney Beans, Green Salad, bruschetta

Mideast Bean Pita with fresh spinach salad

Tofu Supreme (this sounds scary but it's a tofu sandwich) with a garbanzo-bean and tomato salad

Seitan Braised with Cabbage and Onion on a bed of Quinoa, Green Beans

While cooking dinner last night, I sauteed the rest of the tofu with barbecue sauce that became lunch today -- barbecue tofu sandwiches with tri-color potatoes and garlic. I am also going to make some eggplant curry, as I have eggplants that are begining to look a little... sad. I need to find something to do with them before they go bad entirely.

In one of my packages from my secret swap partner, I received the book The First Modern Book of Lace Knitting. It has several really amazing lace patterns and I've started (and almost completed) the first. My success with my first project has led me to sign up for the Mystery Stole #4 which begins the first week in September. You have to join the Yahoo group to receive the clues.

I've decided to knit the MS4 with Baruffa Cashwool in a gray heather. The materials list advised that we should also get 8/0 seed beads of ca contrasting color, so I've ordered black matte beads, translucent ruby and opaque green ones. Once everything gets here, I'll swatch them with each of the beads to see which looks best (and to practice this whole beading thing, since it requires you to loop them on individually with the world's tiniest crochet hook).

And here's some recent knitting, now that it's been received. The picture of the hat was taken without blocking and before it was completely finished. I think if I were to knit it again, I'd do a couple of things differently, but both the mitten and the hat were fun! Of course, I still have another mitten to make... but it'll get done soon!

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